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Courses - Bio Technology
The department of Biotechnology the laboratories are designed with highly sophisticated equipments and instruments which provide ample opportunities to students for grasping practical knowledge and implementing theoretical class room learning in practice.

Our department also offers a variety of programmes that provide enormous opportunities for the qualifying graduates to work in biotechnical, biochemical and microbiological laboratories.

Department Profile

  Staff Members in the department of Biotechnology
1. Dr. D.A. Subramanian M.Sc., (Biochm),  MTech., (Biotech),
Ph.D. (Bioch Pharma)
2. Mrs. K.Priya M.Sc., M.Phil.,(Microbio) lecturer
3. Miss. PB.Sridevi. M.Sc., M.Phil.,(Biotech) lecturer
4. Mrs. Jothi. M.Sc., M.Phil., (Biotech) lecturer

  Projects carried out by the students in the department
1. Isolation and Characterisation of Alpha- amylase, lipase and protease
2. Isolation and identification of Plasmid DNA and chromosomal DNA.
3. Preliminary Study of monoclonal antibody.
4. Isolation and Characterisation of phycobilin protein from cyanobacterial species.

  Faculty Programmes
Staff members are encouraged for the academic improvement by
1. Participating and conducting seminars
2. Doing higher studies
3. Getting funded projects in the specialized areas

  Co curricular activities
Students are encouraged to participate...
1. Paper presentation in symposium
2. Quiz competition
3. Industrial visit
4. Industrial Summer Training


The department has equipped with lots of text books required for the academic syllabus and reference purpose which covers subjects such as molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, genetic engineering, rDNA technology, biochemistry, immunology, developmental biology, stem cell biology, bioinformatics, statistics, evolution, ecology, botany, Zoology.

  • B.Com (General)
  • B.Sc - (CS, Bio , Maths , Phy, Chem & HM)
  • B.C.A
  • B.B.A
  • B.A (English)
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